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Frequently Asked Questions
Service of Process—What is it?

Oftentimes in court matters, documents are required to be given to an individual or entity such as a corporation. The action of delivering these documents is called service of process. Service of process must be served by a person who is not a party to the legal action. Examples of court documents are summonses, complaints, writs, subpoenas and motions.

Do I need to hire a process server?

Process serving rules vary from state to state and also county to county. A professional process server is not always required, but is a good idea to use a professional server to make sure the delivery of the documents is performed in accordance with the law. A professional process server can help you navigate the legal requirements for each jurisdiction and assure your documents are properly served. After the service is performed, the process server will provide you with proof of service through an Affidavit of Service which may be notarized. The process server may also file the documents with the court. Capitol Process Services can assist you in all your process serving needs!

What can I expect once I hire a process server?

Service of process may be done on a regular, rush or immediate basis depending on when you need the documents served. The cost of a routine serve can be as low as $50. Prices increase for rush or immediate service requests. We can also provide document pick- up, court filings, legal research and investigative and surveillance services. Contact us via our website form or phone for more information. Once we receive your papers, rest assured we will work with you in a timely and courteous manner!

How long does it take to get papers served?

There are different levels or service available. You can determine what level you need based on when you need the papers served. The following categories are available by Capitol Process Services:

  • Immediate / Same Day
  • Rush
  • Regular

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